About me

My name is Faith.I come from a family of three ladies and one guy.I can’t say they are travellers but 
my observation is that they have travelled because it was required. I travel more for passion .I am a
high school teacher of English language and Literature and my other hobbies are cooking, writing and
sport (totally into tennis).

A warm welcome everyone visiting my travel blog. A busy life of being a high school teacher always left me feeling so drained that I  have used term break times to see places I have not seen before. Before that it was travelling as and when am around those that want to do it but realized I was blocking myself from experiences because of others then in 2015 I confidently dived into the deep end which is called solo travelling. I have enjoyed it so much and when opportunities arise, I have done group trips and they are amazing too but with or without people i will travel, that’s the new me. Again….welcome!



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