Depending on which part of the world you are coming from, you may have different travel needs and desires. Are you looking to travel to a distant land or just get a breather, to know how that end is like or simply to add it to your travel list as a checked item.

Livingstone which is in the southern  part of a country called Zambia in Africa should or could be added to your list. When I first took on Livingstone it was a solo trip. All I wanted was the thrill of seeing what I have not seen. Nature to me is one of the most refreshing things to cling to when looking for peace or just unwinding from a busy schedule.

Being a high school teacher means having term breaks and that is my time to be mobile. Livingstone has lots of hotels of different classes. If you are in transit ,a backpacker should do, my favorite being Jolie Boys Backpackers. Because I have done lots of solo travelling, places like these in Livingstone have turned out to be one of the best places to find or meet like minded buddies😜.

Depending on your budget, fun activities could range from reptile park visit to a walk in the trail that leads to the Victoria Falls which is one of the most amazing places with a high chance of meeting chimps and monkeys but be careful not to carry any fruit or brightly colored drinks because you may end up being the tourist attraction as they are bullies😏 (happened to me).You could also do some biking and walking tours around Livingstone which is a good way to appreciate the environment.

The Victoria Falls

If you do like to watch African dances especially the warrior Zulu or Ngoni dances, this should be the place for you. If on the other hand your account is fat and your savings are screaming, ”use us!” you could bangee  jump, helicopter ride or even water raft….which I haven’t done YET😆.But one thing is for sure….you will love Livingstone and have fun when you are there!

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