So you get the chance to go on a group road trip to a national park that is close to a river😄.What more can you wish for?!You can’t get some sleep few days before the trip because of the excitement and the thrill of seeing what you haven’t seen before……!Game animals in close range!

Anyways, what do you even pack or carry? I think my bag should have…….well, not the whole wardrobe, jeans, sleeping bag and some warm blankets because its chilly😬,torch, pillow, toiletries etc. Its time to leave today! Starting off at dawn should do because we have a good nine hours on the road. Fast forward…..we are finally at the Lower Zambezi in Zambia and find a perfect camping spot! Am kind of uneasy about the poster saying ” watch out for the hippo”….haaalllllloooo…..I wanna go back alive😏

Four nights in the wild will probably take away  some jitters. If you ask me….am dying to see a lion actually tearing up its prey or am I a big dreamer? First night here is just setting up tents at our camping spot and enjoying campfire stories, songs and goofing around  right next to the mighty river Zambezi! This view is amazing!

Game drive is for day two which is the main thing we are here for. So most of my dreams have come true as I have seen all the animals I put on my list except the king of the jungle probably in hiding😏…I managed to see zebras, elephants, hippos, impalas ,monkeys, crocodiles and lots of birds. Lots of green around that is such a calming atmosphere.

If I managed to leave Lower Zambezi with this happy face, don’t wait too long to try this place too!

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