1) You are your own boss😎Ever thought of how limiting it is to have your life controlled by someone else? Almost all the time, they call the shots from things like how you should dress up, what you should eat, what time office hours start and end😏list is endless! Well guess what? As you are solo travelling, these are times to be your own boss…  besides you have to follow your itinerary all the way to the end so you have no choice but to boss up a little.

Boss up!

2)You have a variety of food unlike what’s on your regular menu😋

If you ask me about what’s in my fridge ,I will most likely tell you ‘….yes there is food…’ but what an amazing feeling to walk to the nearest restaurant on your nomadic escapade to be served by others🤤….my guess is if you liked the food, you may frequent these eating places just so you eat what you don’t always.

Serve me please….

3)You start to accept differences in people😊

With all the movements not restricting you to your own border, you are bound to meet lots of people who don’t look, speak or sometimes think like you and just because they are different, it doesn’t mean your journey is over. You need that seemingly different person to serve you in a restaurant ,to assist you to make a reservation etc. If all fails you could use some sign language! If and If language isn’t so much of a barrier and communication is possible ,chances are, you have just connected with someone different 😀.

We learn from each other.

4) You widen your scope on lots of things!🤔

Never you trust hearsay so much because it has its own limitations. As you are on the move, you meet with first hand info and not handed down information which is subject to alterations. Its known knowledge that some sources are reliable but nothing does the tri better than to experience it.

Me seeing a peacock first time.


Plane tickets booked, hotel reservations made, bags packed but guess what? Am still two weeks away from seeing this lovely place the world calls Cape Town😀.

Am so tired of counting my days till ‘The Big Day’ because this adrenaline can’t leave me alone! So okay, I calm down and focus on my work and before I know it, am heading to the airport and arrive at Cape Town International Airport. I totally loved using British Airways but stopped over at Oliva Tambo Airport to get on a completely different airline called Kulula.

Anyways am loving the different atmosphere here .Lots of nice and friendly people but of course don’t trust just anyone Faith remember this is a solo trip. So I hold back from appearing too friendly and foreign but my face is so tight because I can’t stop myself from appearing happy. I mean, I will be here a good ten days, get it? Ten, good, happy, playful days of relaxation.

I arrive at Mojo hotel in Seapoint and this is an insanely cool place, so in love with their theme colours. So many nice and friendly people and I get one day discount for booking 10 days.

Tomorrow am totally taking a walk with my GPS so I could fall more in love with this city. Lots to see.

Cape Town is beautiful! One thing that amazed me is the different climate that is there. Very different weather compared to the heat am used to. I have decided to book a tour bus called City Sight Seeing. A cool looking red bus which will help me know the city more than this walking  I did which just left me exhausted😏but glad I now have a mini map in my head of this immediate location of mine in Seapoint.

This tour bus is a hop on, hop off and so this gave me the opportunity to see The Two Oceans Aquarium, The Cape Wheel, The Table Mountain and some priest statues etc

The Cape Wheel

Sea Point

Table Mountain

I decided to do a boat tour on one of The City Sight Seeing mini boats and managed to get a glimpse of a seal.

City Sight Seeing boats

If you are lucky, you could see these fellows up close

All this was so much fun because I had a relaxed base to go back to  which was a relaxing hotel with fun activities with fun activities like Cow boy and Red Indian party that I loved so much  because I met the coolest people there! My ten days in Cape Town was totally worth the stay and if money used to grow like grass ,would definitely want my grass growing so that I make more memories by returning there!

The lovely sunset!

The famous googles

Night view

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