So festive season is almost here and corona and her shenanigans are at capacity!!!What will I do for fun away from my comfort zone ?To be honest, a short road trip to the same places I have been to sounds less appealing. This trip I will always treasure because its nothing I planned for, it was spontaneous!!!Before I knew it, I was having my nose poked with her majesty covid testing ‘sticks’ just so I could visit this lovely country of Namibia!

With my fingers so crossed hoping to be negative, my bag was already all packed up with all I needed for a 10 days trip in a country I don’t even know .My first stop was at the coast in Swakopmund and lets just say I had a bit of help from my former classmates who now live there so getting a fairly priced place to stay was so easy.

If you ever get there and have no one to help you get around, try Dunedin Star Guest House just few minutes walk to the lovely Swakopmund beaches.

ccording to my budget and desires, I did want to have a combination of financial responsibility and fun….which is hard when presented with a great temptation of fun, beauty etc! So I kind of avoided the help desk for tour bookings. At a glance, I knew what I wanted….the desert, the beach, the food….yummy.., a boat cruise and just some girlish shopping, voila!!

I booked some nights at Dunedin Guest house and early morning would be served with good breakfast at 7am.Fun,was just a walk away as I ran into a quad biking company called Desert Explorers.

I had such a fun experience there with the help of experienced tour guides showing us through the sandy Namib Desert.

Still in Swakopmund. All my food cravings made me look for ‘restauranty’ kind of food because in just a few days time, will be heading home and lets just face it, home kind of food cooked by yourself is slightly or so much different from this experience am planning to have. Fachwerk Biergarten, a German restaurant caught my attention because a German friend did recommend  some restaurants I should try out.

” Am hungry…. so let’s do this!!” My mouth was watering as they brought my tray…..tried that food first time, but am so trying it again on my next food adventure!

Getting around Swakopmund was quite easy because there are lots taxis available in every street and so was getting groceries, and for chills sake, I did lots of beach walks!!!

For me it was pointless to go and spend a night in Walvis Bay so I just did a day  tour and enjoyed seeing the different types of birds flying everywhere!!So amazing!!

Since this is a day’s trip and don’t intend to stay long here but go back to Swakopmund,I had some coffee and cake at Protea Hotel in the morning and walked around just to get to know the place…of course with a map on my phone.

I did a boat cruise with Laramon Tours Catamarn cruises. This cruise was so much fun as it was one I shared with a muslim family and that gave me an opportunity to learn about other people’s culture and beliefs and boy!…..did I ask away! Lovely family! The tour guide was such a funny man whose funny vibes made that trip interesting as we approached a small island with lots of seals…..they made lots of noise….which am sure to them was normal. The cruise came with some Champagne and oysters with some spice and lemon and in ice. This was my first attempt to …well…swallow them but they were delicious.

As I went back to Swakopmund, what amazed me is the sight of the hot, dry desert on your right and then the cool beach on your left and me in the middle enjoying the best of two worlds! And the other amazing thing was how it was 8pm in the evening and the sun was still there.

There were lots of shuttles from Swakopmund to Windhoek which was my next stop. I was picked up on time and right at the lodging place. All I did was wait for a phone call so I get ready. We  (with the two other tourists on the shuttle)made few stops for refreshment’s sake.

The driver was very helpful and  In no time, we were already in Windhoek and checked in to Esperanca’s Guest house which you must try out in Pioneers Park. Nice location with all you needed right close to you.

I didn’t struggle much finding my way in Windhoek because my friends helped me have a day tour in their vehicle with them as tour guides. We were not allowed to see University of Namibia because of covid restrictions, but saw lots of cool spots ,the Independence Memorial museum, Christuskirche and I just called it quits for now until I ever visit Namibia again.

The fun part was Christmas eve when my friends and I went to Chicago’s and met lots of fun loving pips…..even if am not into the night life….I enjoyed this one because of my friends. It didn’t feel so much like a solo trip after all! And you might want to add Namibia on your bucket list! Am glad I did!

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