Who said every prison should have slaves? Well…. at Prison Island, that could be true when it comes to your eyes because what you see there is amazing! Are you a nature lover? Because if you are, chances are your eyes could be sentenced to a moment of imprisonment because nature at this small island is so tantalizing, you just want to keep seeing more!!

Some prices of tours to the island reflecting on the internet can be quite a handful so I guess if you are travelling like I was, being mindful of my budget, do chill on the advance booking online to this precious island. Some locals in Zanzibar could get you a better deal than what we see online before we actually set off.So if you are nice to some locals or you woke up lucky….you could end up paying half what reflects online. It happened to me.

The tour starts in Stone Town and there, you are picked up by the boat boys with the locally made boats that are very safe though when there were waves ,I did feel a bit scared. These boats have names on them so you could take them as a serious boating business they actually are.

If your trip is labelled ‘luxury’, am pretty sure you could hire the fancy looking speed boats. These locally made ‘babies’ do have their own speed about 40 minutes to get to Prison Island or Changuu as it is locally known as.

When you get to the island,you are warmly welcomed by the people at the entrance who give you a receipt upon payment.The mood at the island is chilled with others playing games like volleyball at Prison island beaches.I could say it’s peaceful because others just go there to spend time with the slow creatures that like to mind their own business except when you approach them with some leaves that are given at the entrance. These tortoise have enjoyed a long life.Some are in their hundreds,others younger and of course you will find the little ones.I was quite intrigued by the peacocks I saw there for the first time but of course it’s the male peacock that always gets the attention!

I walked around the island and saw nice ,old structures with what I learnt was the Zanzibarian doors,there was what seemed to be a hotel….the oldish touch of this place is what should fascinate you when you come to see this for yourself!

It’s a place you should see when you visit Zanzibar and as I was here,I couldn’t help planning my next trip because of all the ideas this place fed me with.

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