Using public transport in Tanzania as a tourist

Touring an unfamiliar place involves the use of different means of transportation. A free spirited, strong willed, fearless tourist in the land of Tanzania should consider the three or two wheeled modes known as Bajaji (tuktuk) and Boda Boda respectively.

Dar es salaam is a huge city and using a limo to make multiple stops because of eye catching places and experiences is the best thing to do if you have fat pockets but you might want to slow down on that.

The few times I have visited Dar es salaam, the best advice I would give is for one to get a Tanzanian sim card so that you benefit from an app called Bolt which is not functional in my country Zambia but is in Tanzania.

This app looks something like this and asks you to enter your Tanzanian line.

I downloaded it and entered the line. I needed it ASAP so I immediately entered my location then and because it uses GPS, it does show you where you are. You then insert destination and enter your options whether to use the Boda Boda (motor bikes),the Bajaji (three wheeled) or the normal vehicle. Of course the priciest is the vehicle.

Because Zambia does not use these modes of transport, it was quite hilarious to use them and for some reason here in Zambia, these motor bikes are used for leisure purposes by fancy people.

One thing to note is to look at the drivers ID when the app pairs you with them for security purposes as this shows you if he is reliable or has good reviews, I mean who wants a driver with bad reviews? Check that the info matches what is on their number plates.

I must say, different is good sometimes. Though simple in looks, these modes of transport were fun and cheaper and the beauty is if you move with someone, you get the chance to pay the same amount of money and divide the cost!

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