Being Zambian and having a passion to travel outside my country has never hindered me from first appreciating my own territory before admiring what lies beyond.

As a passionate traveller,of course I must brag about the fact that I have been to all nine provinces in Zambia and have enjoyed the food in these places.Visiting Zambia for whatever the reason? Enjoy well prepared meals and you may not miss home as much…..

Chingola is a small town on the Copperbelt province that I must say is not a tourist city but let’s just say something brought you all the way to this small mining town,where to eat? (1)Gymnkana club should top your list.My honest opinion is the surroundings could use a touch of beauty but I never cared much about that times I visited,it could be because the food served has a good repute and made my visit worthwhile.So basically they have lots of Indian and Chinese cuisines.And being in a landlocked country means crave for seafood is higher.They offer seafood too.

After Chingola is a town that is quite busy and spread out.Ndola they call it.Never hesitate to explore as much as you can food wise but do remember to touch (2) Protea hotel just opposite the stadium and just  the presentation of the food is what impressed me.I mean we humans mostly judge by what our eyes are presented with before the taste itself right?

My birthday mealπŸ˜‹

Another place to try is (3)Angelina’s.They do Italian dishes,pizza and the like but what I still remember vividly is the lasagna,ohhh…. it will keep that mouth watering!!!While you are at it,they do some karaoke.

This just screams ‘eat me am delicious!’

Before leaving Ndola do stop by

(4)Glamville  which is a beauty spa but one could have an event there,do ‘paint and sip’ and the like.The place is serene,my perfect chill spot!

Their cocktails are refreshing 😌

And if you are a coffee,cake and ice cream lover,visit (5) Gigibonta where you are guaranteed some belly satisfaction.

Lusaka being Zambia’s capital has lots of places obviously but ones I have tried without regret are (6)Ocean Basket where you are presented with wide range of seafood choices…..well that’s if you crave seafood.

Ohhh did I enjoy this!

(7)Madras Restaurant has done it for me many times and their menu is mostly indian.I recommend this restaurant for that mind trip to India whilst still in Zambia,whoop!whoop!

If am having mutton first time,it better be good …and it was🀀

If for some reason you visit Siavonga which is when you heading south just after Lusaka,you will enjoy a watery place called Kariba which is home of the bream.I got a good lasting impression visiting the (8) lake Kariba Inn.I can’t say am a fish person but I enjoy adventure eating and it was quite an adventure!You get well served and there is nothing pleasing than eating with a lovely view in front of you!

You gotta love this view….

Most tourists visiting Zambia,are more attracted to the southern part of the country.I must admit many trips to this wow place,I have always eaten what people consider food but don’t know if crocodile does count…..well I don’t care…I loved  it!For all your crocodile dishes please visit (9)Zambezi Cafe.This place is the reason am eating crocodile again πŸ˜‹.

They called it croc spareribs πŸ€€πŸ˜‹

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