Zanzibar’s Nakupenda Island

There is nothing more fun than visiting a main island and also still having a day trip to mini islands surrounding it.Nakupenda Island is not a place to spend a night because of course there are no building structures.It is also very small and could just accommodate 100 tourists considering her majesty Covid 19 that brought up social distancing.

I can’t just believe my eyes😍
Believe what you see

You want to go to Nakupenda Island to get away from the hustle and bustle of the main island not because you are introverted, though I did see people there that appeared to be.You want also to go there to admire the mix of warm to hot sunlight hitting on the ‘light blue’ waters while you are enjoying sitting on white sand.

Did you know this place means ‘I love you’?

You get to this small island by booking a boat from Stone Town and I did this with a group of travellers who wanted to go there.Trip time to get there was like 30 minutes.You could get a discount that way.

Boats from Stone Town arrive at Nakupenda Island 🏝️

I found some travellers having picnics with lots of seafood prepared by locals,some were enjoying snorkeling, swimming and I picked lots of shells for my collection.

Keep those memories fresh

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