6 Southern African Beaches you will love!

Coming from a landlocked country is the reason I fancy beaches,beach resorts or any place beachy for lack of a better term.Some say, ‘you only appreciate something you don’t have’.Well…..to a large extent,that is true.Man made beaches do the trick sometimes but almost doesn’t count.

1) Knowing that my short term moments at the beach ⛱️ are really just that…….short term, I do appreciate these moments.Some of the beaches I have appreciated which you should consider paying a visit are Seapoint beach in Cape Town.

Blue skies
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Sunsets in Cape Town

When the sun is shining so bright,the blue skies and waters are the reason for the serenity of the place.As the sun sets,you will enjoy breath taking view as well.

2) I can’t say I spent that much time to enjoy Durban beaches but spent time at North Beach which was absolutely amazing!

3) Are you a bird lover?The perfect beach for you should be Walvis bay.Its cool and calm and if you are lucky you get a close up of water birds.If you want them closer try to woo them with some fish or bird food.

4) Swakopmund beaches are as nice and refreshing as the Walvis Bay beaches except no birds.It is interesting to see lots of beach activities there.

5) I love public beaches but at times I just want peace and tranquility and not having too many people disturbing or being worried about people grabbing your stuff.So in Dar es salaam,I did enjoyed private beach time at Azure boutique resort.

Private beach

6) Zanzibar beaches unlike many are unique because of the colour of water .It appears so unreal sometimes because of sun shine on these waters ( don’t know how true that is).But you will love Zanzibar beaches especially those on the western part.

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