Freddie Mercury Museum, Zanzibar’s very own

Me at the museum

For those that love history, appreciate it and actually make time for it, Freddie Mercury Museum is a must see.It is located in the heart of Stone Town in Zanzibar.It officially opened in 2019 and commemorates the beloved rock music legend, Freddie Mercury.

The man himself, Freddie.

So who was this Freddie Mercury?He was a British singer and songwriter who achieved worldwide fame as the lead vocalist of a rock band.He was ……..wait for it…….born in Stone Town, Zanzibar!

If you are that tourist with history thirst, you do need to bucket list this.

7 thoughts on “Freddie Mercury Museum, Zanzibar’s very own

  1. I never knew that Freddie was born n Zanzibar and how lovely that you have a Museum in Stone Town dedicated to him. If I ever get there I shall visit it, that’s for sure.

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