Restaurant Review:The Urban Hotel

mashed potatoes and pork chops in barbeque sauce 🤤

When you have a taste from your plate on a well set up table in a serene atmosphere, that should be enough to leave some lasting memories.Memories of well prepared food and how it was worth it to try out a spot first time.

Being a restaurant trotter, I have my favorite restaurants and frequent them but it is also important to try out as many spots as you can, I mean you never know when you could find your next favorite restaurant, right?

Sit back and wait for your lunch

I was not feeling like home food.The food connoisseur sitting on my right shoulder whispered a suggestion of a spot: “Faith…. you try The Urban Hotel”

I was more than ready to see what it had to offer.It was a pleasure to get there and find smiling personnel. And if you ask me,this adds a warm touch to the whole food experience. No one wants a frowning waitress.

I must say the overall atmosphere of the place was peaceful with some soft instrumental music playing in the background.

Just the peaceful atmosphere I wanted

The restaurant at the hotel had lots to offer on the menu.But my eyes went directly on the pork chops and I wanted them with mashed potatoes.I am a sucker for potatoes 🤤.On a scale of 1 to 10, my restaurant experience was 8 and hopefully that kind of service continues.

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