At one point or the other, we all want to appear in control of things and interacting with lions is the perfect platform to appear martial.Ever thought of an escapade like this one?I would recommend trying it out in the southern part of a country called Zambia, in Africa.


A company called Mukuni Big 5 is home to let’s just say ….friendly lions.You never really wanna trust a lion is tamed now…do you?Chances are that you may end up being shred to pieces.On the other hand, you may end up giving yourself a badge of honor for interacting with them.

What are my discovered advantages of these acts or stunts of bravery?

1) Discovering the beast is actually a beauty

When one watches some animal documentaries that focus on predators like lions hunting, you can’t help but think negatively even about the tamed ones.But when you do this tour, you actually realize these animals have a side to them that is beautiful and experiencing that first hand does something to you.It gives you confidence and changes your image of these beasts.

2) Injecting confidence in your system

Like mentioned earlier, this experience injects confidence in you.If I have to be honest with myself and others,I just wanted the badge of honor but being the lions was the most uncomfortable one hour of my life and I actually gave up 30 minutes into the tour that I was gonna die with fear.The cuddly looking beasts gave me a fright.

3) Inspire others to try the stunt

All it takes to do certain things is see others do it.I am writing this because at one point, I was Inspired to try it by others,whether it was my friends or the tour guides that Inspired me.

The tour starts with you making a payment and signing papers that you are 18 years old and above.No under age please….. though I have heard one or two stories about teens who still wanna try it ( don’t know if that’s advisable)

You are at liberty to pick which animal you intend to interact with.Scared to go wilding? Then try the less ferocious creatures like the elephants which are also found there …….or just watch them through the fence…All in all, do try this place.

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  1. Wow this looks like quite the experience. To be so close with these beautiful animals. Amazing! I will make note of this. It’s on my bucket list to visit your part of the world one day (it’s harder to get to from Canada) but my list of things I want to do keeps on growing! Thanks for this share.

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