Day trip to Nsobe campsite

Everytime one thinks of a campsite,it has to include spending a night there and though that is the main reason for a campsite, a day trip to a campsite can be so much fun too.

Depending on the campsite location,you could end up having lots to see in terms of nature and just  enjoying an outdoor experience.That thought crossed my mind.I didn’t want to camp out,I just wanted to be up close and personal with nature.

If only I could get closer…

I hired some transport,had some company and we bought what was necessary for a day trip in the outskirts.What sort of food can I recommend for such a trip?

1) Roasted chicken

2)Drinks and water period

We aren’t camping out so that should do.

We got there.We finally saw Nsobe campsite in Ndola city of Zambia.The campsite is perfect for fishing for those that love to do so.I definitely didn’t go for that.

The one hour road trip filled with up beat music, stories to tell and anticipating seeing giraffes!I knew I was gonna love this trip!

My quest to find giraffes may not have been a success as I heard that the camp site just had about six to seven of them and they were probably in hiding but I definitely spotted zebras, which was a good alternative.

I couldn’t move closer to them

Nsobe camp site or game reserve has in it some caged reptiles and my favorite was a python snake at the snake spot.

I just learned you could actually mingle with them because their bite is not venomous.

For that reason,I did have a show time with them.I did mingle with the tiny snakes too and the funny thing is how even in pictures, it would take an eagle’s eye to see that was a snake I was holding.

Believe you me…. that’s a snake not a shoe lace

If camping is your thing and you happen to be in Zambia, do give this place a try. As the day came to an end, I appreciated the beauty of sunsets in this place.

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  1. Hi, Faith. I’m really enjoying your posts, all the way from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada! It’s a treat to see Zambia with an African host. Most articles we get here about Africa are written through the lens of a white person on a safari so your writing is a treat to read.

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