Teachable.A perfect platform to monitize your travel (Affiliate post)

Wanderlust thirst is almost impossible to quench.The more you travel, the more thirsty you get and the more you get that travel bug. If you are a gifted and talented traveller in let’s say:

Watercolor painting,

Hand lettering,

Making fabulous cakes



to mention but a few, you just found yourself a way to juice up your travel wallet.Teachable could be the perfect platform for you to share that gift or talent with others in form of a course and earn yourself some money for some travel.

In this month of October, it is Creator Month and Teachable is offering three brand new mini courses for anyone who joins Teachable and  the First-Time Course Creation Bundle.

Click here to find out and sign up  https://teachable.sjv.io/c/3258127/1473910/12646

This bundle has a full course to-do list, a launch – calendar strategy and a guide on cohort based and self paced courses all in one handy bundle.

The three courses are :

▪️ Copywriting crash course:How to write to sell.

▪️How to use free content to grow an email list quickly.

▪️Grow your Instagram following to maximize your selling potential.

▪️Bonus PDF: First-Time Course creation bundle.

Click here to find out and sign up


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