Would I visit Fort Jesus again?(Part 2)

The answer to this question is a simple “yes!” because as things are at the moment, I wanted to read many of the information posters and boards standing and stuck in the museum at this fort but because of time……I couldn’t. Like I mentioned in the previous blog post about Fort Jesus, the place was dripping with history content unlike the Old Fort of Zanzibar that I don’t quite remember spotting a big museum at. Fort Jesus of Kenya had so much in it that shows that there is a lot of past to be treasured.

The few hours I spent in the museum got me to the realisation that a picture is truly worth a thousand words.This is so because I looked around the museum on my own for some of the amazing ancient figures that were there but also sort the help of a guide to explain some facts on other figures.

Some of the cool old stuff I saw at the museum, though junkie looking, did have lots of history attached to them. Like say this antique below which am pretty sure I have seen in some homes here in Zambia, could just be a chair…..but this chair was a state chair used in the 17th century and made In India in a Portuguese style.

It was used by the last up holders of independence  who was the Sheik of Siyu (Bwana Mataka Bin Mubarak Al- famau) and his son Sheik Muhammed. ‘Siyu’ is a location in Kenya and ”Sheikh” was in the Arabic sense an elderly man with a position of leadership and yes, that is a full name. Cool chair!

‘You know what? This treasure chest looks like my jewellery box back home……,” I thought to myself as I continued to explore Fort Jesus museum. It was a Persian chest dating as far back as the 13th century. Like wow! Hopefully it continues to be preserved in many more years.

I looked ahead and noticed some place near the left side of the museum as you get in. The label Mombasa Wreck Excavation caught my attention but what was this place trying to showcase?

All I saw was some structure that looked like a diver. It sounds like divers find really cool stuff under water, huh….? This local diver must have been doing his own thing when he ”bang!”found some ship of 38 metres going by a cool name Santo Antonio de Tanna. His adventure (thanks to him) has led many to learn about this ship that sunk and some man going by the name of Dr James Kirkman directed a small excavation which later on led to a survey done on the wreck site. Cool stuff if you ask me.

Time was running out and I had to be out of this place so in wanting to do a quick exit, I bumped into some cool structures of what I think were figures of Arab ,Portuguese or Indian people because of the kind of dressing. For these ones, all I wanted was to stand next to them.

Whales! Ever seen a 48 foot long creature? Maybe you have but I haven’t. It’s good I saw the remains because imagining one in motion will take up lots of my energy.

So basically you will find a skeleton of a humpback whale on display here, the remains ofĀ  a Portuguese sailor, some cool old Mombasa doors which remind me of Zanzibarian doors and something that looked like it was a make believe human thing to be placed in a corn field to chase away unwanted ‘visitors’ from the field.

What can I say except another visit is in order so that I get to read in detail what I couldn’t because of rushing to leave. Do try this place out by all means.

Would I tour Fort Jesus again?(Part 1)

Into the heart of the fort itself

Given a chance and money, there are lots of places one would love to view whilst travelling.My time in Mombasa was not planned for. It was more of, ”I will see and enjoy whatever is in Mombasa.” Plus, I needed just a change of scenery to clear my head from being that busy high school teacher who never easily gets free time.

I usually do countdowns towards the end of a school term because of a dire need to unwind in places far from home.Talk about the power of change of scenery! It was my first trip to Kenya and not in the slightest do I regret being in Mombasa. You can’t separate Mombasa from Fort Jesus which is a tourist attraction in this old town of Mombasa that is dated ancient. Where are all the historians?

Counting down to term breakšŸ„“

Getting there

As usual, this depends on where you are in Mombasa. And am thinking you are in the heart of Mombasa so getting to Nkurumah road should not be a problem. I took a boda boda (motorcycle) to the Fort. This didn’t take too long.

Now of course being a non resident, do not expect to pay the same price as the locals would and this is usually the case when it comes to tourist attractions unlike other things like taxi fares, groceries and what not. No discrimination fee here lol! Fort Jesus will cost you just about 10 dollars or so.

Historically speaking, what about Fort Jesus?

I have shared before how I am not a history geek nor am I geeky in general but at least I know why my history results in school weren’t that appealing. I am a hands on kind of person and not having enough school trips in history class back in the day could be the reason but it’s never too late to appreciate history the way I would have loved to. But then again am thinking, how much was it gonna cost to learn about Europe all the way from Africa the hands on kind of way! Lol! Pricey, right?

I discovered that this fort was built by the Portuguese in the 16th century on the coastline near Old Town, Mombasa. It was designed by an Italian architect Jao Batista Cairato and built as a refuge place for those Portuguese that lived on the coastal areas.

It has been said that this fort was built in the shape of a man when viewed from the air that is and later on after a series of its capture and recapture, was under the British rule converted into a prison. In the 20th century, it was declared a national park and later on UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site. It turns out that in this day and age, Fort Jesus is one of the most visited places in Mombasa, Kenya. But will I tour Fort Jesus again?

Dessert at Neelkanth Sarovar Premiere (Review)

Whenever it’s valentines, all you see around is anticipation in the eyes of most no matter the age. As a high school teacher, I must say I am lucky that times my valentine days didn’t  go quite as I planned, I always had those students that just thought all teachers are awesome and all. I got some of those “Miss Faith, you are awesome! Happy Val Day! So in the world of teachers, we never feel lonely on such days coz we are surrounded by teen humans! It’s loud on this end, trust me. Uhhhm…..the girls in my class picked roses from the school gardens and spread them on the floor I walked on and that was really so sweet of these girls (that won’t stop me from giving consequences when they get naughty lol!)

Teachers liveĀ  for others and if not careful you may never have time for you. I had my lunch at work already and what is the use of having more food out there?I remembered the hotel review hobby I have and pulled over at a place I would enjoy a dessert with some attitude.Neelkanth Sarovar Premiere it was.

Having done some mini research on this hotel, I realised it was a 5 star chain hotel originating from India.These hotels are worldwide but if am not mistaken, it is the only one here in Zambia. This place boasts 5 stars, being sleek, offering a cocktail bar, fitness centre, two multi cuisine restaurants, a cafe and spa with a roof top pool. Don’t get me wrong….I would have had cake from any cake shop but we all like some five star treatment once in a while.



I love that prior to arrival, you could request for a menu and it was forwarded online almost immediately and it is easily  accessible https://irdmenu.nsplmenu.com/. I got there and the door of the vehicle was opened for me.Believe me when I say I am not power hungry but I now know how important people feel… The staff did not do it grudgingly but with a genuine looking smile on their faces. That look (speaking as a teacher) only comes from an employee that loves what they do.I awarded a 4 star because my arrival was smooth sailing. The reason for not awarding a 5 star was because the parking lot was a lot smaller than I expected. The beauty of this place is appreciated but more space for cars is needed.

And the decor?

Different parts of the hotel had quite appealing art. I saw that though the hotelĀ  has Indian origins, it had African oriented decor and how much of the spirit of globalization do we need…..it was India embracing Africa.

I loved the cream flowerpots that matched well with the African seats which were wooden going very well with the cream floor. This was complimented by the chocolate looking wall.

It’s not all wall decor I understood but overall the decor was at 4  stars.

There was a refreshing look of brown and cream and some walls were slapped with playful art too.

Let’s dessert!!

I was already stuffed and all I wanted was some dessert. Cake was fine by me and some cocktail called Dom Pedro. This was definitely a 5 star because it was well presented and the colour combo on the plate was quite inviting and the taste was amazing too. Do try this place out!!

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