Dessert at Neelkanth Sarovar Premiere (Review)

Whenever it’s valentines, all you see around is anticipation in the eyes of most no matter the age. As a high school teacher, I must say I am lucky that times my valentine days didn’t  go quite as I planned, I always had those students that just thought all teachers are awesome and all. I got some of those “Miss Faith, you are awesome! Happy Val Day! So in the world of teachers, we never feel lonely on such days coz we are surrounded by teen humans! It’s loud on this end, trust me. Uhhhm…..the girls in my class picked roses from the school gardens and spread them on the floor I walked on and that was really so sweet of these girls (that won’t stop me from giving consequences when they get naughty lol!)

Teachers live  for others and if not careful you may never have time for you. I had my lunch at work already and what is the use of having more food out there?I remembered the hotel review hobby I have and pulled over at a place I would enjoy a dessert with some attitude.Neelkanth Sarovar Premiere it was.

Having done some mini research on this hotel, I realised it was a 5 star chain hotel originating from India.These hotels are worldwide but if am not mistaken, it is the only one here in Zambia. This place boasts 5 stars, being sleek, offering a cocktail bar, fitness centre, two multi cuisine restaurants, a cafe and spa with a roof top pool. Don’t get me wrong….I would have had cake from any cake shop but we all like some five star treatment once in a while.


I love that prior to arrival, you could request for a menu and it was forwarded online almost immediately and it is easily  accessible I got there and the door of the vehicle was opened for me.Believe me when I say I am not power hungry but I now know how important people feel… The staff did not do it grudgingly but with a genuine looking smile on their faces. That look (speaking as a teacher) only comes from an employee that loves what they do.I awarded a 4 star because my arrival was smooth sailing. The reason for not awarding a 5 star was because the parking lot was a lot smaller than I expected. The beauty of this place is appreciated but more space for cars is needed.

And the decor?

Different parts of the hotel had quite appealing art. I saw that though the hotel  has Indian origins, it had African oriented decor and how much of the spirit of globalization do we need… was India embracing Africa.

I loved the cream flowerpots that matched well with the African seats which were wooden going very well with the cream floor. This was complimented by the chocolate looking wall.

It’s not all wall decor I understood but overall the decor was at 4  stars.

There was a refreshing look of brown and cream and some walls were slapped with playful art too.

Let’s dessert!!

I was already stuffed and all I wanted was some dessert. Cake was fine by me and some cocktail called Dom Pedro. This was definitely a 5 star because it was well presented and the colour combo on the plate was quite inviting and the taste was amazing too. Do try this place out!!

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  1. I loved the part about your students picking rose petals from the school garden and spreading them in your path! A gesture that was equal parts naughty and nice. I am a high school teacher too, so I know how charming kids can be at that age.

    1. That’s so cool! Teaching can be draining at times but those little humans sometimes know how to keep us going 😁😁So happy to connect with a teacher☺️

  2. It’s wonderful to learn a bit more about you – and a teacher too! One of the most important professions in the world. And those messages from your students are so lovely.

    The hotel is also nice. It’s nice how you find ways to enjoy your downtown and relax. There’s always room for dessert!

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