The 5 reasons you should zip line in Zambia

A good amount of adrenaline is good for the soul. It can help part of your body to function more effectively. The heart will beat faster and the lungs will breathe better. Some activities do guarantee a good dose of adrenaline. How many of us are willing to have that ‘rush’?

I have heard of experienced travelers who still get chills before a flight. Does this mean you can never get used to some dangerous activities? I do feel a rush of adrenaline before a flight too. Some people struggle with vivid imaginations taking away the fun from certain activities.

Thinking about the zip line itself gives me some chills. The feeling is worse when you read about personalities like Robert Cadman. He met his death when his rope snapped. History says that this happened when he was descending from Shrewsbury’s St Mary’s church. Thanks, Cadman, for making things worse for scared kitties like us.

I acknowledge the fear attached to such thrilling activities like zip lining. I recently found some good reasons you should try this in Zambia. Try this because:

It is ideal for beginners: I want to progress to the intermediate level. This will give me proper reasons to do the zip line in places like South Africa. The Oribi Gorge zipline for example happens to be the longest in South Africa! Plus, it ranked one of the highest in the world! That’s a full dose of adrenaline right there.

Doing the zip line in Zambia will give beginners or “scared kitties ” a quick opportunity to experience this activity. I tried it using a company called Abseil Zambia. They were the perfect company to help adventurers who fall in my category.

The Oribi Gorge zip line is said to be about 400 meters deep and 5 kilometers wide. No beginner even wants to think along those lines. That is way outside my league! It sounds like an impossibility.

Doing the zip line in Zambia will give confidence to beginners. There are points to do the zip line from. I was lucky to find a spot that was 135 meters across the canyon and about 75 meters over the ground. Beginners in these thrill games should consider zip lining in Zambia.

Affordable: Some tourists say South Africa has cheaper rates for zip-lining activities than Zambia. The standard tourist rate for this activity is around 50 dollars. This is one of the few activities with a lower price given to local tourists.

Activities like bungee jumping are the same for both locals and international visitors. I had 25 dollars on me. The hostel I was at connected me to Abseil Zambia for the zip-lining activity. This is for local tourists and am sure it sounds unfair. I was happy to enjoy the low price.

Doing the same activity on the Zimbabwean side with Falcon Safaris would be about 87 dollars. The measurements of the gorge on this side are 425 meters in length and 120 meters above the river Zambezi. It looks like the longer and deeper the gorge is, the more expensive the zip line activities.

Safe: Safety before the adventure is important. There is no need to put spontaneity before our five senses. I had been researching thrilling activities. Bungee jumping appears to be at a higher level of risk. If the rope snaps in both activities, that would be terrible. It appears there have been more accidents while bungee jumping than zip lining.!-Bungee-jumper-plunges-into-Zambezi-River-at-Victoria-Falls

I tried monitoring the equipment with an eagle’s eye. Everything appeared safe to me. I noticed there was a concrete slab next to the part of the gorge you take off.

I didn’t want others to get the impression that I freaked out. I asked if I could inspect the pulleys and harness for my peace of mind. They appeared safe but then again one can never be too sure. Things looked good but I still must have sent the message I was still scared.

One of the staff members there suggested doing a duo. This would help get the chills off my case. Long story short, I felt confident. No one wants to die alone and that is if death is ever scheduled.

When you drive to the place where you zip line, you will notice that they place safety first. I saw some signposts that promote the safety of others. looking around before my activity gave me confidence. Their equipment looked on point and safe. Plus, death has this bad habit of not knocking on your door first. I must say the safe instruments here would not be to blame for anything.

Free transport: We love freebies. Transport costs can be low but sometimes high depending on how far you are going. The distance to the gorge is dependent on where you are staying. Some hotels and hostels could be too far from the gorge. This would attract a larger fee for transport. It’s worse when you are in a larger group that needs a larger vehicle or more than one to get you there.

I thought because I was the only one who signed up for the activity, I would have to find my way. but that wasn’t the case. I got picked up. Since it appeared funny to sit alone behind a safari van, I sat in front.

Supportive staff: This adventure was worthwhile because of the supportive staff. The driver was flexible. He did not show signs I inconvenienced him. There are places on the way to the gorge which were beautiful.

I asked to view these these places. I didn’t take up too much of his time. We saw a group of elephants cooling off at the Maramba River. I was also wowed by the Zambezi River and refreshed there. I thanked the driver for this.

The other staff member who was supportive was the one helping with the zip-lining. He boosted my confidence by trying it out with me. He did this because he noticed I had feared.

Do try out all these thrilling activities in Zambia.

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  1. Way to go, Faith. That looks like so much fun! And the views must’ve been amazing.

    And it’s nice when staff provide an exceptional experience in this case the driver and letting you see the other sights and animals.

    Zambia is on my wish list to visit one day along with so many other places in Africa. One day!!!

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