6 Southern African Beaches you will love!

Coming from a landlocked country is the reason I fancy beaches,beach resorts or any place beachy for lack of a better term.Some say, ‘you only appreciate something you don’t have’.Well… a large extent,that is true.Man made beaches do the trick sometimes but almost doesn’t count.

1) Knowing that my short term moments at the beach ⛱️ are really just that…….short term, I do appreciate these moments.Some of the beaches I have appreciated which you should consider paying a visit are Seapoint beach in Cape Town.

Blue skies
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Sunsets in Cape Town

When the sun is shining so bright,the blue skies and waters are the reason for the serenity of the place.As the sun sets,you will enjoy breath taking view as well.

2) I can’t say I spent that much time to enjoy Durban beaches but spent time at North Beach which was absolutely amazing!

3) Are you a bird lover?The perfect beach for you should be Walvis bay.Its cool and calm and if you are lucky you get a close up of water birds.If you want them closer try to woo them with some fish or bird food.

4) Swakopmund beaches are as nice and refreshing as the Walvis Bay beaches except no birds.It is interesting to see lots of beach activities there.

5) I love public beaches but at times I just want peace and tranquility and not having too many people disturbing or being worried about people grabbing your stuff.So in Dar es salaam,I did enjoyed private beach time at Azure boutique resort.

Private beach

6) Zanzibar beaches unlike many are unique because of the colour of water .It appears so unreal sometimes because of sun shine on these waters ( don’t know how true that is).But you will love Zanzibar beaches especially those on the western part.

Zanzibar’s Nakupenda Island

There is nothing more fun than visiting a main island and also still having a day trip to mini islands surrounding it.Nakupenda Island is not a place to spend a night because of course there are no building structures.It is also very small and could just accommodate 100 tourists considering her majesty Covid 19 that brought up social distancing.

I can’t just believe my eyes😍
Believe what you see

You want to go to Nakupenda Island to get away from the hustle and bustle of the main island not because you are introverted, though I did see people there that appeared to be.You want also to go there to admire the mix of warm to hot sunlight hitting on the ‘light blue’ waters while you are enjoying sitting on white sand.

Did you know this place means ‘I love you’?

You get to this small island by booking a boat from Stone Town and I did this with a group of travellers who wanted to go there.Trip time to get there was like 30 minutes.You could get a discount that way.

Boats from Stone Town arrive at Nakupenda Island 🏝️

I found some travellers having picnics with lots of seafood prepared by locals,some were enjoying snorkeling, swimming and I picked lots of shells for my collection.

Keep those memories fresh


How many times have you eaten good food in a restaurant and appreciated the spices or spice combo the food has?For me?This got me curious to see where spices really come from,how they are grown and well….to attach my favorite spice names I know to how they look as they grow.

Zanzibar has lots of spice farms and stores and touring these places is a must do if you ask me.I noticed the standard cost for this tour in most hotels was 15 dollars and in my opinion it makes things easier for the tour guide and yourself financially if you group up or find other travellers to go with…..not to say that that reduces the standard cost but Zanzibar  tours sometimes are mostly about negotiating.I did this with a traveller who suggested it to me .

Am pretty sure you can start this tour from any part of Zanzibar but we started ours from Stone town.We were taken to Jambo Spice Farms,had a wonderful Zanzibarian welcome and learnt about a variety of spices including Tumeric,cadamon,mimosa( which I learned was also called ‘touch me not’),Red banana,lemon grass,black pepper,mango, nutmeg,pomelo ( grapefruit),vanilla,cocoa,cinnamon,carambola,ginger and anato ( also called natural lipstick)

Red banana
Aloe Vera
Lemon grass

The guides at the farm took time to explain about the different spices and if you are lucky on your tour you could get yourself a plate full of fresh fruit.What was so hilarious is seeing ‘Mr Butterfly’ climb a coconut tree whilst singing a ‘Welcome to Zanzibar song’ .

Can you climb a coconut tree?


Being Zambian and having a passion to travel outside my country has never hindered me from first appreciating my own territory before admiring what lies beyond.

As a passionate traveller,of course I must brag about the fact that I have been to all nine provinces in Zambia and have enjoyed the food in these places.Visiting Zambia for whatever the reason? Enjoy well prepared meals and you may not miss home as much…..

Chingola is a small town on the Copperbelt province that I must say is not a tourist city but let’s just say something brought you all the way to this small mining town,where to eat? (1)Gymnkana club should top your list.My honest opinion is the surroundings could use a touch of beauty but I never cared much about that times I visited,it could be because the food served has a good repute and made my visit worthwhile.So basically they have lots of Indian and Chinese cuisines.And being in a landlocked country means crave for seafood is higher.They offer seafood too.

After Chingola is a town that is quite busy and spread out.Ndola they call it.Never hesitate to explore as much as you can food wise but do remember to touch (2) Protea hotel just opposite the stadium and just  the presentation of the food is what impressed me.I mean we humans mostly judge by what our eyes are presented with before the taste itself right?

My birthday meal😋

Another place to try is (3)Angelina’s.They do Italian dishes,pizza and the like but what I still remember vividly is the lasagna,ohhh…. it will keep that mouth watering!!!While you are at it,they do some karaoke.

This just screams ‘eat me am delicious!’

Before leaving Ndola do stop by

(4)Glamville  which is a beauty spa but one could have an event there,do ‘paint and sip’ and the like.The place is serene,my perfect chill spot!

Their cocktails are refreshing 😌

And if you are a coffee,cake and ice cream lover,visit (5) Gigibonta where you are guaranteed some belly satisfaction.

Lusaka being Zambia’s capital has lots of places obviously but ones I have tried without regret are (6)Ocean Basket where you are presented with wide range of seafood choices…..well that’s if you crave seafood.

Ohhh did I enjoy this!

(7)Madras Restaurant has done it for me many times and their menu is mostly indian.I recommend this restaurant for that mind trip to India whilst still in Zambia,whoop!whoop!

If am having mutton first time,it better be good …and it was🤤

If for some reason you visit Siavonga which is when you heading south just after Lusaka,you will enjoy a watery place called Kariba which is home of the bream.I got a good lasting impression visiting the (8) lake Kariba Inn.I can’t say am a fish person but I enjoy adventure eating and it was quite an adventure!You get well served and there is nothing pleasing than eating with a lovely view in front of you!

You gotta love this view….

Most tourists visiting Zambia,are more attracted to the southern part of the country.I must admit many trips to this wow place,I have always eaten what people consider food but don’t know if crocodile does count…..well I don’t care…I loved  it!For all your crocodile dishes please visit (9)Zambezi Cafe.This place is the reason am eating crocodile again 😋.

They called it croc spareribs 🤤😋


Touring an unfamiliar place involves the use of different means of transportation. A free spirited, strong willed, fearless tourist in the land of Tanzania should consider the three or two wheeled modes known as Bajaji (tuktuk) and Boda Boda respectively.

Dar es salaam is a huge city and using a limo to make multiple stops because of eye catching places and experiences is the best thing to do if you have fat pockets but you might want to slow down on that.

The few times I have visited Dar es salaam, the best advice I would give is for one to get a Tanzanian sim card so that you benefit from an app called Bolt which is not functional in my country Zambia but is in Tanzania.

This app looks something like this and asks you to enter your Tanzanian line.

I downloaded it and entered the line. I needed it ASAP so I immediately entered my location then and because it uses GPS, it does show you where you are. You then insert destination and enter your options whether to use the Boda Boda (motor bikes),the Bajaji (three wheeled) or the normal vehicle. Of course the priciest is the vehicle.

Because Zambia does not use these modes of transport, it was quite hilarious to use them and for some reason here in Zambia, these motor bikes are used for leisure purposes by fancy people.

One thing to note is to look at the drivers ID when the app pairs you with them for security purposes as this shows you if he is reliable or has good reviews, I mean who wants a driver with bad reviews? Check that the info matches what is on their number plates.

I must say, different is good sometimes. Though simple in looks, these modes of transport were fun and cheaper and the beauty is if you move with someone, you get the chance to pay the same amount of money and divide the cost!


Who said every prison should have slaves? Well…. at Prison Island, that could be true when it comes to your eyes because what you see there is amazing! Are you a nature lover? Because if you are, chances are your eyes could be sentenced to a moment of imprisonment because nature at this small island is so tantalizing, you just want to keep seeing more!!

Some prices of tours to the island reflecting on the internet can be quite a handful so I guess if you are travelling like I was, being mindful of my budget, do chill on the advance booking online to this precious island. Some locals in Zanzibar could get you a better deal than what we see online before we actually set off.So if you are nice to some locals or you woke up lucky….you could end up paying half what reflects online. It happened to me.

The tour starts in Stone Town and there, you are picked up by the boat boys with the locally made boats that are very safe though when there were waves ,I did feel a bit scared. These boats have names on them so you could take them as a serious boating business they actually are.

If your trip is labelled ‘luxury’, am pretty sure you could hire the fancy looking speed boats. These locally made ‘babies’ do have their own speed about 40 minutes to get to Prison Island or Changuu as it is locally known as.

When you get to the island,you are warmly welcomed by the people at the entrance who give you a receipt upon payment.The mood at the island is chilled with others playing games like volleyball at Prison island beaches.I could say it’s peaceful because others just go there to spend time with the slow creatures that like to mind their own business except when you approach them with some leaves that are given at the entrance. These tortoise have enjoyed a long life.Some are in their hundreds,others younger and of course you will find the little ones.I was quite intrigued by the peacocks I saw there for the first time but of course it’s the male peacock that always gets the attention!

I walked around the island and saw nice ,old structures with what I learnt was the Zanzibarian doors,there was what seemed to be a hotel….the oldish touch of this place is what should fascinate you when you come to see this for yourself!

It’s a place you should see when you visit Zanzibar and as I was here,I couldn’t help planning my next trip because of all the ideas this place fed me with.


So festive season is almost here and corona and her shenanigans are at capacity!!!What will I do for fun away from my comfort zone ?To be honest, a short road trip to the same places I have been to sounds less appealing. This trip I will always treasure because its nothing I planned for, it was spontaneous!!!Before I knew it, I was having my nose poked with her majesty covid testing ‘sticks’ just so I could visit this lovely country of Namibia!

With my fingers so crossed hoping to be negative, my bag was already all packed up with all I needed for a 10 days trip in a country I don’t even know .My first stop was at the coast in Swakopmund and lets just say I had a bit of help from my former classmates who now live there so getting a fairly priced place to stay was so easy.

If you ever get there and have no one to help you get around, try Dunedin Star Guest House just few minutes walk to the lovely Swakopmund beaches.

ccording to my budget and desires, I did want to have a combination of financial responsibility and fun….which is hard when presented with a great temptation of fun, beauty etc! So I kind of avoided the help desk for tour bookings. At a glance, I knew what I wanted….the desert, the beach, the food….yummy.., a boat cruise and just some girlish shopping, voila!!

I booked some nights at Dunedin Guest house and early morning would be served with good breakfast at 7am.Fun,was just a walk away as I ran into a quad biking company called Desert Explorers.

I had such a fun experience there with the help of experienced tour guides showing us through the sandy Namib Desert.

Still in Swakopmund. All my food cravings made me look for ‘restauranty’ kind of food because in just a few days time, will be heading home and lets just face it, home kind of food cooked by yourself is slightly or so much different from this experience am planning to have. Fachwerk Biergarten, a German restaurant caught my attention because a German friend did recommend  some restaurants I should try out.

” Am hungry…. so let’s do this!!” My mouth was watering as they brought my tray…..tried that food first time, but am so trying it again on my next food adventure!

Getting around Swakopmund was quite easy because there are lots taxis available in every street and so was getting groceries, and for chills sake, I did lots of beach walks!!!

For me it was pointless to go and spend a night in Walvis Bay so I just did a day  tour and enjoyed seeing the different types of birds flying everywhere!!So amazing!!

Since this is a day’s trip and don’t intend to stay long here but go back to Swakopmund,I had some coffee and cake at Protea Hotel in the morning and walked around just to get to know the place…of course with a map on my phone.

I did a boat cruise with Laramon Tours Catamarn cruises. This cruise was so much fun as it was one I shared with a muslim family and that gave me an opportunity to learn about other people’s culture and beliefs and boy!…..did I ask away! Lovely family! The tour guide was such a funny man whose funny vibes made that trip interesting as we approached a small island with lots of seals…..they made lots of noise….which am sure to them was normal. The cruise came with some Champagne and oysters with some spice and lemon and in ice. This was my first attempt to …well…swallow them but they were delicious.

As I went back to Swakopmund, what amazed me is the sight of the hot, dry desert on your right and then the cool beach on your left and me in the middle enjoying the best of two worlds! And the other amazing thing was how it was 8pm in the evening and the sun was still there.

There were lots of shuttles from Swakopmund to Windhoek which was my next stop. I was picked up on time and right at the lodging place. All I did was wait for a phone call so I get ready. We  (with the two other tourists on the shuttle)made few stops for refreshment’s sake.

The driver was very helpful and  In no time, we were already in Windhoek and checked in to Esperanca’s Guest house which you must try out in Pioneers Park. Nice location with all you needed right close to you.

I didn’t struggle much finding my way in Windhoek because my friends helped me have a day tour in their vehicle with them as tour guides. We were not allowed to see University of Namibia because of covid restrictions, but saw lots of cool spots ,the Independence Memorial museum, Christuskirche and I just called it quits for now until I ever visit Namibia again.

The fun part was Christmas eve when my friends and I went to Chicago’s and met lots of fun loving pips…..even if am not into the night life….I enjoyed this one because of my friends. It didn’t feel so much like a solo trip after all! And you might want to add Namibia on your bucket list! Am glad I did!


1) You are your own boss😎Ever thought of how limiting it is to have your life controlled by someone else? Almost all the time, they call the shots from things like how you should dress up, what you should eat, what time office hours start and end😏list is endless! Well guess what? As you are solo travelling, these are times to be your own boss…  besides you have to follow your itinerary all the way to the end so you have no choice but to boss up a little.

Boss up!

2)You have a variety of food unlike what’s on your regular menu😋

If you ask me about what’s in my fridge ,I will most likely tell you ‘….yes there is food…’ but what an amazing feeling to walk to the nearest restaurant on your nomadic escapade to be served by others🤤….my guess is if you liked the food, you may frequent these eating places just so you eat what you don’t always.

Serve me please….

3)You start to accept differences in people😊

With all the movements not restricting you to your own border, you are bound to meet lots of people who don’t look, speak or sometimes think like you and just because they are different, it doesn’t mean your journey is over. You need that seemingly different person to serve you in a restaurant ,to assist you to make a reservation etc. If all fails you could use some sign language! If and If language isn’t so much of a barrier and communication is possible ,chances are, you have just connected with someone different 😀.

We learn from each other.

4) You widen your scope on lots of things!🤔

Never you trust hearsay so much because it has its own limitations. As you are on the move, you meet with first hand info and not handed down information which is subject to alterations. Its known knowledge that some sources are reliable but nothing does the tri better than to experience it.

Me seeing a peacock first time.


Plane tickets booked, hotel reservations made, bags packed but guess what? Am still two weeks away from seeing this lovely place the world calls Cape Town😀.

Am so tired of counting my days till ‘The Big Day’ because this adrenaline can’t leave me alone! So okay, I calm down and focus on my work and before I know it, am heading to the airport and arrive at Cape Town International Airport. I totally loved using British Airways but stopped over at Oliva Tambo Airport to get on a completely different airline called Kulula.

Anyways am loving the different atmosphere here .Lots of nice and friendly people but of course don’t trust just anyone Faith remember this is a solo trip. So I hold back from appearing too friendly and foreign but my face is so tight because I can’t stop myself from appearing happy. I mean, I will be here a good ten days, get it? Ten, good, happy, playful days of relaxation.

I arrive at Mojo hotel in Seapoint and this is an insanely cool place, so in love with their theme colours. So many nice and friendly people and I get one day discount for booking 10 days.

Tomorrow am totally taking a walk with my GPS so I could fall more in love with this city. Lots to see.

Cape Town is beautiful! One thing that amazed me is the different climate that is there. Very different weather compared to the heat am used to. I have decided to book a tour bus called City Sight Seeing. A cool looking red bus which will help me know the city more than this walking  I did which just left me exhausted😏but glad I now have a mini map in my head of this immediate location of mine in Seapoint.

This tour bus is a hop on, hop off and so this gave me the opportunity to see The Two Oceans Aquarium, The Cape Wheel, The Table Mountain and some priest statues etc

The Cape Wheel

Sea Point

Table Mountain

I decided to do a boat tour on one of The City Sight Seeing mini boats and managed to get a glimpse of a seal.

City Sight Seeing boats

If you are lucky, you could see these fellows up close

All this was so much fun because I had a relaxed base to go back to  which was a relaxing hotel with fun activities with fun activities like Cow boy and Red Indian party that I loved so much  because I met the coolest people there! My ten days in Cape Town was totally worth the stay and if money used to grow like grass ,would definitely want my grass growing so that I make more memories by returning there!

The lovely sunset!

The famous googles

Night view


So you get the chance to go on a group road trip to a national park that is close to a river😄.What more can you wish for?!You can’t get some sleep few days before the trip because of the excitement and the thrill of seeing what you haven’t seen before……!Game animals in close range!

Anyways, what do you even pack or carry? I think my bag should have…….well, not the whole wardrobe, jeans, sleeping bag and some warm blankets because its chilly😬,torch, pillow, toiletries etc. Its time to leave today! Starting off at dawn should do because we have a good nine hours on the road. Fast forward…..we are finally at the Lower Zambezi in Zambia and find a perfect camping spot! Am kind of uneasy about the poster saying ” watch out for the hippo”….haaalllllloooo…..I wanna go back alive😏

Four nights in the wild will probably take away  some jitters. If you ask me….am dying to see a lion actually tearing up its prey or am I a big dreamer? First night here is just setting up tents at our camping spot and enjoying campfire stories, songs and goofing around  right next to the mighty river Zambezi! This view is amazing!

Game drive is for day two which is the main thing we are here for. So most of my dreams have come true as I have seen all the animals I put on my list except the king of the jungle probably in hiding😏…I managed to see zebras, elephants, hippos, impalas ,monkeys, crocodiles and lots of birds. Lots of green around that is such a calming atmosphere.

If I managed to leave Lower Zambezi with this happy face, don’t wait too long to try this place too!

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