Overcoming fears of solo travel as a female

Being female comes with its own blessings and curses.We love our male folk but sometimes the feeling of surviving without them around paralyses many a female folk that some have decided to embrace the paralysis and not pursue their dreams.

Without really targeting any culture, it is a well known fact that in some cultures, what women are capable of doing freely, they can’t really do in others. In the African culture, a woman is seen as one who is a helper at home and don’t get me wrong, in many cultures, I should think that is the case. With that being said, the issue of traveling should not be much of a problem until they hear the word ‘solo’. I mean, where are you going on your own?

In my opinion, this question could be coming from the fact that even males do am sure get fearful when traveling on their own. But can this fear be overcome? Can it magically just disappear after sessions with a therapist? There is no one good answer but my observation travelling in Southern African counties as one who belongs in this region, I noticed there are some fears that grip that one female ( especially from Africa) from just stepping outside one’s comfortable place

After travelling to a few countries here in Southern Africa, it’s safe to say these are some of the reasons other females have not stepped out of their comfort zones.

1)How do I even fit in?

It’s no doubt that some people fuss over food, friendships and to some extent, why not?I am used to having my English breakfast, why should I have chapati, omelette, lemon tea and fruit for breakfast ( which by the way was the kind of breakfast I had in Kenya)

Part of travel involves experiencing culture that is different from yours.You could either go and entirely refuse to be a part of it or embrace it. How can you do that? Embrace change, accept differences, go to the park and mix with locals. There is of course the danger in some places of being bullied for being different. At one time in East Africa, I could clearly get that I was being mocked for not knowing the local language

The sure way out of this is really to adopt a care free attitude. Let them talk about how you speak differently, don’t allow yourself to be bothered by that because some locals embrace foreigners. Train your taste buds to accept change, chances are that though different, you may like some foods and ultimately, the other way to overcome the feelings of not fitting in is to stop being judgemental and stereotypical.

2)Will I be safe?

This feeling of not being safe affects many even in places we call home. The feeling is just worse in an unfamiliar place. Hundred percent safety is not a guarantee everywhere but some things that will keep you safe are things like avoiding walking late nights on your own, being intoxicated and try at all costs to keep your stuff safe (bank cards, passport, cash etc) and I have seen some keep their documents in a secure sash that goes in one’s underwear. Pretty cool.

3) Loneliness?

It’s funny how some travellers feel embarrassed or is it insecure of having a meal on their own.Which one is better, to ditch that solo trip because you can’t be on your own, or wait ages or forever for that group trip? I am okay with enjoying that meal on my own.It is embedded in some minds that when you travel alone, you are alone and lonely all the time but that is not true. Starting from your mode of transport which could be a plane, cruise, train or bus to the hotels, hostels and what not, you do meet or find people everywhere. Loneliness is sometimes a negative mindset you should shake off.

4) Family disapproval

Males travelling is usually not as much of a problem in families as opposed to females doing the same.Sometimes it is our family members that disapprove of the solo travel. One way that has worked for me is to update them of my whereabouts and everything you are upto. Taking good care of yourself everytime you travel and family having confidence in you and how well you take care of yourself, will reduce their complaints.

Two Day Camp and Hike in Kafue

The goal of this hike and camp out was to build endurance and so the guide only helped carry our tents in his car and the really heavy stuff otherwise all those personals like our bags, foods, drinks and all were for us to carry. I can’t stress enough but this load caused a lot of energy from me to be sucked dry. I thought the challenge was just taking that hike carrying nothing but boyyyy was I wrong.

I am not sure what expert campers carry for food, snack, drinks and all but this is not glamping and my sleeping disorder of having ‘earlier nights’ really tried my patience.I am not gonna stay up late cooking up a storm! On our menu which the instructor had us make was 2 minute noodles, canned beans and vegetables.Mother nature did supply us with some mushrooms.We picked some fresh ones and added them to our meal. What a treat it was!



The starting point was set for us. Maps were given to us as well. The guide had given us a mini training of how geography works.(Geography was not exactly my fav subject in school…..sooo) but if I could understand the map so can you.

We studied it. We also had never been down this trail but the guide had been and he wasn’t supposed to spill all the beans about where we headed.

Off we went down this endless trail and frankly speaking it was refreshing. We told stories and all until we stopped for water, rest to take a leak or to allow rest for our bodies since they protested against tiredness. We covered both flat and hilly places, stony and watery places. The good news is we managed to cover half the required number of kilometers for the day.

The target was to use this one route that was like 10 kilometers to the camping grounds. We started at about 9 o’clock to 5 pm and found the guide had prepared our camping spot, pitched the tents already and all that was left was to tell some night stories and call it quits for the  day ….. and  we did!


I woke up to music from the birds and  the ground was wet from the night showers and I hoped to hike on dry ground.We didn’t need continental or English breakfast but we did stuff ourselves with some bread, beans, juice and remainders of previous night’s meal. It was perfect to start another day of a 10 kilometers hike.

At this point, I was done enjoying nature. I just wanted OUT!! I picked up my tired pieces with the help of my team and we walked through that trail. The second hike had more of hilly and stony land.Very uncomfortable. My team mates developed blisters on their feet but their drive to want to finish the 10 kilometers fueled mine. Fast forward, we made it!


The high of this hike and camp was how I got a certificate to be a Duke of Edinburgh Award and Adventurous journey leader. I also enjoyed the nature and being away from the usual and the normal.

The low was that at one spot which happened to be a picture taking place because of the beautiful scenery, we were stopped from taking pics because it was believed to be a shrine and taking pictures would upset the spirits. Can you imagine!?

Day trip to Nsobe campsite

Everytime one thinks of a campsite,it has to include spending a night there and though that is the main reason for a campsite, a day trip to a campsite can be so much fun too.

Depending on the campsite location,you could end up having lots to see in terms of nature and just  enjoying an outdoor experience.That thought crossed my mind.I didn’t want to camp out,I just wanted to be up close and personal with nature.

If only I could get closer…

I hired some transport,had some company and we bought what was necessary for a day trip in the outskirts.What sort of food can I recommend for such a trip?

1) Roasted chicken

2)Drinks and water period

We aren’t camping out so that should do.

We got there.We finally saw Nsobe campsite in Ndola city of Zambia.The campsite is perfect for fishing for those that love to do so.I definitely didn’t go for that.

The one hour road trip filled with up beat music, stories to tell and anticipating seeing giraffes!I knew I was gonna love this trip!

My quest to find giraffes may not have been a success as I heard that the camp site just had about six to seven of them and they were probably in hiding but I definitely spotted zebras, which was a good alternative.

I couldn’t move closer to them

Nsobe camp site or game reserve has in it some caged reptiles and my favorite was a python snake at the snake spot.

I just learned you could actually mingle with them because their bite is not venomous.

For that reason,I did have a show time with them.I did mingle with the tiny snakes too and the funny thing is how even in pictures, it would take an eagle’s eye to see that was a snake I was holding.

Believe you me…. that’s a snake not a shoe lace

If camping is your thing and you happen to be in Zambia, do give this place a try. As the day came to an end, I appreciated the beauty of sunsets in this place.

The lion interaction tour


At one point or the other, we all want to appear in control of things and interacting with lions is the perfect platform to appear martial.Ever thought of an escapade like this one?I would recommend trying it out in the southern part of a country called Zambia, in Africa.


A company called Mukuni Big 5 is home to let’s just say ….friendly lions.You never really wanna trust a lion is tamed now…do you?Chances are that you may end up being shred to pieces.On the other hand, you may end up giving yourself a badge of honor for interacting with them.

What are my discovered advantages of these acts or stunts of bravery?

1) Discovering the beast is actually a beauty

When one watches some animal documentaries that focus on predators like lions hunting, you can’t help but think negatively even about the tamed ones.But when you do this tour, you actually realize these animals have a side to them that is beautiful and experiencing that first hand does something to you.It gives you confidence and changes your image of these beasts.

2) Injecting confidence in your system

Like mentioned earlier, this experience injects confidence in you.If I have to be honest with myself and others,I just wanted the badge of honor but being the lions was the most uncomfortable one hour of my life and I actually gave up 30 minutes into the tour that I was gonna die with fear.The cuddly looking beasts gave me a fright.

3) Inspire others to try the stunt

All it takes to do certain things is see others do it.I am writing this because at one point, I was Inspired to try it by others,whether it was my friends or the tour guides that Inspired me.

The tour starts with you making a payment and signing papers that you are 18 years old and above.No under age please….. though I have heard one or two stories about teens who still wanna try it ( don’t know if that’s advisable)

You are at liberty to pick which animal you intend to interact with.Scared to go wilding? Then try the less ferocious creatures like the elephants which are also found there …….or just watch them through the fence…All in all, do try this place.

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