Maun Lodge Review 📍🇧🇼 Botswana

The restaurant area

Every traveller has different needs when it comes to lodging.Depending on budget, length of stay and one’s personality, some places will do the trick while others would not. My stay was short yet it involved crossing a border (Zambia). Though Botswana is a neighbouring country, I was going there for the first time as a solo traveller.


I reserved a room on and the payment was done when I arrived at the premises.I was supposed to be in the chalets but because I am enjoying genius level 2 on, I did attract a discount and a room upgrade.Instead of being in the chalets, I enjoyed the double room.

Location .Maun Lodge is located in Maun town in Botswana. A town where most tourists frequent. It is a town on the Thamalakane river and is the jumping off point for the Okavango Delta which is a habitat for vast wildlife.

The closeness to a water body adds serenity to the place

Airport pickup

Few times I have been adventurous enough to jump on a taxi from the airport to where am lodged but sometimes you skip that adventurous self and try the safest way which is to be picked up by your hosts.Nothing is completely safe but you just have peace of mind knowing your hosts are taking care of your transport to the lodge and the good part is it was a free service.The driver and the welcoming team had smiling faces which was a plus!

Room Service

The environment of the lodge was welcoming and there was thorough cleaning done by the staff.The sink, shower, toilet were sparkling clean and they did offer those extras.The room had a safe and television with a number of channels though I wished for more channels

Work out time!

I was impressed that the lodge did carter for the active bodies like mine.I of course didn’t use all the machines.The treadmill is my fav!


Most food I had ordered was well prepared and presented and you had the option in the restaurant to enjoy it indoors or outdoors.


On the whole this lodge offered more than I expected and on a scale of 1 to 10, it was an 8.I would recommend it !

Restaurant Review:The Urban Hotel,📍Ndola

mashed potatoes and pork chops in barbeque sauce 🤤

When you have a taste from your plate on a well set up table in a serene atmosphere, that should be enough to leave some lasting memories.Memories of well prepared food and how it was worth it to try out a spot first time.

Being a restaurant trotter, I have my favorite restaurants and frequent them but it is also important to try out as many spots as you can, I mean you never know when you could find your next favorite restaurant, right?

Sit back and wait for your lunch

I was not feeling like home food.The food connoisseur sitting on my right shoulder whispered a suggestion of a spot: “Faith…. you try The Urban Hotel”

I was more than ready to see what it had to offer.It was a pleasure to get there and find smiling personnel. And if you ask me,this adds a warm touch to the whole food experience. No one wants a frowning waitress.

I must say the overall atmosphere of the place was peaceful with some soft instrumental music playing in the background.

Just the peaceful atmosphere I wanted

The restaurant at the hotel had lots to offer on the menu.But my eyes went directly on the pork chops and I wanted them with mashed potatoes.I am a sucker for potatoes 🤤.On a scale of 1 to 10, my restaurant experience was 8 and hopefully that kind of service continues.

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