Fly or ferry to Zanzibar Island?

Don’t you ❀️ Zanzibar?

“The destination is what you should focus on and not the journey….” WRONG! Enjoying the ride is part of adventure.Having been to Tanzania four times but to Zanzibar twice ….I must confess flying to the island was a lovely experience and happened so fast. But taking a ferry was an experience I wanna share.

For those who love ‘microwave’ experiences and how everything should be fast, fast, fast😁

Taking a ferry to Zanzibar as a solo traveller was a pleasure.For starters, I had to book for the ferry online but this worked more like a reservation because I wasn’t charged in advance.There should be one or two companies with ferries to and from the island but I am recommending you use Azam Marine just because I loved the first experience:

The ferry starts from Dar es salaam like indicated on the online reservation that comes to your mail when you use Azam Marine website and it also reflects if that particular time is free or there is availability.

Dar es salaam near the port

Be sure to stick around for “boarding time!” alert but before that do visit  the Azam Marine offices and show them your online reservation and try appearing there at least two hours or so before departure then they will hand you your ticket after your payment.

No two ways about it….if you aren’t a local, it’s $35 for you
Ferry ticket

In an event that you appeared way too early, they could actually even book you for an earlier time than you initially reserved.Note that during peak seasons you should avoid arriving late or you may lose the spot to an early bird.

The ferry on the inside
The ferry on the outside

It took about close to two hours enjoying the view, light waves, company of others…..lots of pictures to take even of other ferries going their way.

Heading to the island πŸ’¦
“Karibu Zanzibar”

You know you have arrived when you see that sign post meaning “Welcome to Zanzibar”. It was a solo trip made easy because I read articles like these before the trip and met helpful people too.

Globe-trot while teaching English, enrol with TEFL UK (Affiliation post)

Want to trot the globe on a TEFL ticket? Easy!Just to make sure we are all on the same page,you might want to know what TEFL is.This is an acronym for Teaching English as a Foreign Language!

Looking for an accredited institution to get certified? Try TEFL UK.

TEFLUK helps you learn to teach TEFL and find your dream teaching job. But what are the benefits of TEFL anyways?

1) Make a difference When as a teacher,you see your students succeed,you feel a sense of pride that you changed lives for the better.

2) Cultural immersion Be a part of a working community of the country you teach in.

3)No two days are the same New lessons,new ideas,new students everyday! Enjoy a job with built-in variety.

If your dream is to know what is beyond your country’s border, explore more beyond your comfort zone, do enrol for these TEFL hours with TEFL UK and get discounted prices:

There are high chances to get placements in China, Korea, Spain to mention but a few.

Feeling wasted? Try Bush Lodges

Southern Zambia πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡²

Bush Lodges? Or maybe you could use another name like remote lodges, whatever name in mind, these lodges tend to be found in remote places or set up in breath taking untouched wilds.Some are fancy whilst others are just moderately comfortable.

These lodges do share one thing, the peace and tranquility attached to nature.With all due respect to the other lodges, hotels, guesthouses in residential areas…..why do travellers flock, fancy or even opt to be in these remote lodges?

1) Stress relief

Work takes your attention six to six and the other fraction of the clock is dedicated to home and its own needs.What is left for poor you? Stress.The whole idea of just being close to nature is why you need to fancy these locations.They are perfect for relief from stress.

Seriously….do I look stressed?

2) Chances to mingle with animals

Unless am wrong, but we get fed up with meeting the neighbor’s dog everytime we take those walks. When in these remote places, we could have some variety instead of the usual dogs,cats and chickens lol!Some of these lodges are so inviting to animals that you literally rub shoulders with them.

Me, rubbing shoulders with zebra
This my dear friends can only happen when lodging in the bush

3) The water bodies

These bush lodges sometimes are close to water. It is a well known fact that water has a powerful physiological and emotional effect on us.The colour of that water is known to give us calm. πŸ’¦

Remote lodge right next to the Zambezi river πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡²

4) Road trip

These remote lodges are an opportunity for a road trip.Play that road trip music, relax, enjoy the stops, let the wind blow your hair whichever way!

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